My Tween Hates to Read~ What About High School?

Reading and reading comprehension really take on importance as students approach the High School years and you may find fear looming large in your mind at the thought of Homeschooling with a student who dislikes reading. I want to encourage you, because there are lots of resources out there to help you prep your reluctant or “avoidant” :)  reader. 

One that you might like to check out is Kid Scoop’s, Reluctant Reader Solution. This program is geared toward helping catch your kids’ interest enough to get them to read for enjoyment and it will help them to increase their retention & comprehension as well. It does this very cleverly by making the reading sections brief and  “high interest”  and by making the review activities fun!

This program includes:

  • 12 months access to the Kid Scoop monthly newspaper, the online newspaper just for kids. ($55 value)
  • 365 Kid Scoop Worksheets, the most “pencil-friendly” worksheets available anywhere. ($147 value)
  • 365 days to put the full program to the test with absolutely no risk (full refund offered if you do not see measurable improvement!).

All of the worksheets and a  full year of access to the monthly online (very colorful) Newsletter  as a package costs $97.oo, or you can purchase each separately.

The KID Scoop’s online Newsletter is colorful and simple to use once you are able to login. I did not find the website as easy to navigate with Internet Explorer as I would like and had to switch to Google Chrome to see the login area and then we still couldn’t log in occasionally, but that may be due to my computer or the TOS crew all using the same login/password rather than an issue with the site itself. 

Overall, I thought that the newsletter topics were interesting and we liked that the articles are short and informative.

The Downloadable Worksheet Package (e-book) was really terrific. It included a lot of different topics, activities and supplements to make your Homeschool or Classroom fun! They consist of 6 pages with hands on activities to do, as well as word puzzles and other fun worksheets designed to build your children’s vocabulary and reinforce the enjoyment of reading. Also included is a “How to Use” section that offers a schedule for their use and suggestions for using them with your class or Homeschool either chronologically during the year, or by topic.

These are usable as a good supplement (especially like the holiday ones!), but you could actually use them instead of your regular curriculum once in a while, depending on your students level. For example, this week I am letting my sixth- grader use the mini-unit on “Budgets” instead of his regular Math and he is able to enjoy a little break from his regular subjects and still be learning and using his basic Math skills and Life Skills.

There is also an option to “listen” to the newsletter with a computer generated “reader”. That might be a good option for those who like or need a “read along” or for those who are visually impaired. Even your kids who like to read will be interested in the newsletters and the Downloadable worksheets/activities because the subjects are fun – from “Bigfoot” to “Clay Play”. They are each about 6 pages long and will provide a great supplement to your holidays and other academic subjects as well. They include a listing of topics that you can see if you go to the website here:

They also provide a FREE e-newsletter here:

I hope that you will go and check them out. Remember, that even if your student likes to read mainly magazines or news articles, they are still reading and learning from those articles! There is nothing wrong with giving them a “reading alternative” such as the Kid Scoop  Newsletters or other educational magazines instead of having them read a novel. There are tons of great reading resources that will not overwhelm your reluctant reader and I am glad that I got to share with you about  one of them!

Have a good Weekend~ Merit K


All of the TOS crew Members were given a trial of access to the online newsletter, Kid Scoop, and the opportunity to download the Reluctant Reader solutions downloadable e-book (a pdf file with all the worksheets/mini-units) in exchange for an honest review of their products~ no other compensation was received.

I always enjoy reading the thoughts of my TOS crewmates and you can see what the other TOS Crew members think of the Reluctant Reader Solution Package here:

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